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The development of health and Shamanism.

I created this website with the main intention of publishing my thesis. It is based on extensive literature research about Salutogenesis and Shamanism showing how shamanic methodologies may contribute to our health and well-being, according to Antonovsky's model of Salutogenesis.

I would like to make you aware of what I have found out in my research so you can use my findings for yourself. For further ongoing research and development I would very much like to connect with people who share the same interests.

I will also present information on the subject of health and other related subjects along with my own background and practice.

The main focus of health psychology is to promote health and prevent disease. Nowadays it is more crucial than ever to integrate prevention into health care.

As a health psychologist I do offer personal health coaching by appointment. In addition, I conduct workshops and courses on health related subjects.

The Author of this Website assumes no responsibility for information contained on this Website and disclaims all civil or criminal liability in respect of such information. Health counselling, coaching or the contents of these pages should not be used in the place of personal medical advice from your family phsycian.

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